Swot analysis on gul ahmed

And so was, as it happens, Sun Microsystems - which Oracle bought last year. This deregulation of the textile industry, from a quota point of view, has encouraged greater price competition which has, to a large extent, permeated through the large organisations such as Zara, which are able to enjoy economies of scale, when it comes to large-scale production Lopez and Fan, However, there are weaknesses associated with the internal operations of the company.

Simply put, it is argued that Zara needs to continue to do what it is doing, currently; however, it needs to do it better, with greater emphasis being placed on ethical behaviour, meeting customer demands for new and innovative fashion, while at the same time retaining low-costs, across every aspect of its operation.

Having a strong brand identity that is widely recognised has enabled Zara to retain social popularity; therefore, while looking at economic drivers, it is also important to ensure that social acceptance of the brand is high and that the brand is seen as a desirable option De Toni and Tonchia It also has a large international presence, with more than stores across the globe, allowing it to build a very strongly recognised brand.

Following this statement, Zara acted quickly to mitigate the damage that had been done in the public face, by stating that it viewed the use of sweatshops by its outsourced suppliers as being entirely unacceptable and put in place a variety of different procedures, to ensure that production was monitored much more carefully.

It has been identified that one of the major advantages and strengths of the company is the fact that it can achieve a very rapid link to the market.

Although the company seems to be working with unions, in order to improve the position, the report clearly had an impact on the way in which the company was viewed, with concerns now being shown over the treatment of staff, as well as the treatment of individuals in developing countries who are producing the products, in the first place Balchin Zara have a well established brand name worldwide 4.

Google Apps is up-and-coming, having won a few key contracts in the enterprise market. Whatever your interest in Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, as a manager, analyst, investor, shareholder, or competitor, you will not find a more compelling, comprehensive or authoritative report.

NET programming languages - to immediately make a splash. Concerns were also raised that the efficient supply chain which it had established was having a dramatically negative impact on the environment. The high end fashion merchandisers can be a major threat to them 2. Apart from clothes, Zara also offers handbags, shows etc Weaknesses 1.

This also works to the advantage of the company as it is able to continuously turn over new products and this places a sense of urgency on customers to purchase items, immediately, when they see them, for fear that they will not be available next week.

How small is Gul?

And Apple did it with consumers. Simultaneously, local sales — at Rs2. Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Tupperware are competitors for thepool of people interested in full or part time direct sellingopportunities.

Google This is the big kahuna. Economic downturn can also be a threat to their target segment 3. Contents change for each edition. This is a simple concept, but notobvious! The textile company had reported an after-tax loss of over Rs million for the year ended June 30,down a massive per cent from the prior fiscal year.

This example identifies all the main data classes, however it represents the minimum database configuration. Chrome has been consistently eating away at Internet Explorer since its launch nearly two years ago.

For example, the supply chain needs to be monitored, on an ongoing basis, in order to identify any losses, either in time or money, so that these can then be reduced or even removed Grundy, This has made the market, in general, much more competitive and has encouraged all organisations within the industry to look towards reducing costs and attracting a broader customer base.

Continuous evolution within this area is a necessary part of retaining the position and also looking towards cutting costs, by altering product designs to take into account the cost of production Finch Now Oracle offers not just software, but an entire line of hardware, as well.

Strong online presence through their own website and other ecommerce platforms makes Zara a popular brand name 6. By maintaining this price position, the company can then encourage consumers to renew their fashion products, regularly, thus offering continuous revenue for the company.

Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt Ltd.

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Several other competitors within the market have suffered negative press, due to the use of suppliers associated with unethical practices. Zara has overcome this threat by reducing the time frame within its supply chain. At that time, the company had said that it expected export demand to improve from Novemberand that it was also working hard to increase its presence in North America.

It is also termed as Place. Future Strategies Several future strategies are now suggested for Zara, moving forwards. Fake imitations can decline the sale of Zara products and hurt business Zara Competition.Strategic Analysis Pulling together both the external and internal factors impacting on Zara as an organisation, it is then possible to establish a strategic plan for the future, in order to ensure the ongoing success of this substantial fashion retailer.

View Adeel Ahmed’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Business and financial analysis of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd's performance over three year period: -- SWOT Analysis-- PESTEL Analysis - Derived conclusion, laid out future prospects and provided recommendations for improvements;Title: Newly Qualified ACCA |.

Nishat Chunnian SWOT analysis - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. NISHAT MILLS - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Zara SWOT analysis, segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP) are covered on this page.

This analysis also includes competitors of Zara, its USP, tagline & slogan. View M.

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Manager at Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited. Location Pakistan Industry Textiles. Make the planning to increase the productivity and decrease the wastage with the help of SWOT and PARETO analysis and other Title: Manager at Gul Ahmed Textile .

Swot analysis on gul ahmed
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