Strategy development at lego essay

They then introduced building instructions for each building set. For comic characters have proven to be a huge success within the film industry. The cost of materials and production was increasing and becoming too much of a burden on the financial health of the company.

The potential for market growth could be large for any toy manufacturer getting exclusive rights to all Marvel 5, plus characters.

Too much time was being spent with small independent stores where they were only getting one third of their revenue. With the tremendous success it has had with sales in Star Wars video games and LEGO Star Wars product lines it, it would be a good idea to get licensing for product lines that contain the same type of popular characters or story as Star Wars.

It started as a twelve man operation and since then has produced over million bricks, with 19 billion new bricks being made each year. The Star Wars theme was an instant success and became one of the most profitable product lines. They then increased production capacity by scheduling certain LEGO bricks on certain plastic molding machines on production cycles.

They also provided discounts to smaller stores as incentives for placing orders early. Revenues dropped 30 percent in and dropped another 10 in You should also demonstrate your skills and abilities to analyse data and information that you have obtained from a variety of up-to-date, high quality sources.

In they launched www. Other movies or TV shows are good places to look. This creates fierce competition of intellectual property between major toy manufacturers.

They developed new sets that included a series for girls like furniture and doll houses. This made labor more efficient and reduced the amount of downtime. With recent acquisition of Marvel Entertainment by Disney, LEGO is worried about all of the licensing potential that Marvel has because Hasbro has an existing license agreement to produce Marvel toys and games until They also continued to expand by offering an online virtual universe for interacting with other online users and building personalized LEGO mini figures.

Full in-text citations and references, using the Harvard referencing style, are required. An example and popular item is the Transformer Kre-O can either be a vehicle or a robot.

When LEGO found that it had many different licensed rights they began to expand their computer game market share by partnering with videogame design companies to develop computer games as well as video games for game consoles. So they first cut the number of brick colors in half.

Your responses should reflect your knowledge and understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques covered in the Strategic Management module. Competition LEGO has had some competition ever since it gained popularity in a variety of countries. More options for pieces to connect meant more creative possibilities.

What alternative strategies were open to the LEGO Group inand why do you think the Group chose the course they did? Video games are a must as well. Looking at the LEGO Group today from the imaginary position of the CEO, how would you approach the process of strategy development to ensure the future success of the company?

The problem was not with product itself, but with distribution and manufacturing. Kjeld stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Jorgen Vig Knudstorp who was originally director of strategic development in This provided more control over inventory and would reduce shortages.

The Lego Group: Building Strategy Case 10 Essay - Part 10

They made larger hubs for distribution located in areas closer to retailers. This led to fully implementing this new strategy by obtaining other rights popular licensed intellectual property like other Disney themes, NBA Basketball, Soccer, Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer, etc.

It also had 12 percent of the market share. The LEGO Technic series was implemented which were models that contained bricks with mechanical moving parts.The Lego Group: Building Strategy, Case 10 Overview LEGO, the brand of toy that has been played with by multiple generations of people was founded during the Great Depression in by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish carpenter - The Lego Group: Building Strategy Case 10 Essay introduction.

Kristiansen started making toys out of wood. One of the initial strategy decisions was based upon the oil crisis in the ’s.

Development of Strategy at the LEGO Group

The company reacted favourably by introducing new innovations and penetrating previously unexplored markets. Changes in the market environment in the 90’s also spurred on strategy development at LEGO.

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Strategic Management and Lego Essay; Strategic Management and Lego Essay. Words Nov 15th, 3 Pages. Working with Strategy – pages – 1.

Explain how the development of strategy at the LEGO Group reflects the key characteristics of strategic management. As a reminder, strategic management has three key characteristics. Development of Strategy at the LEGO Group. N1 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Spring Term COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT – INDIVIDUAL ESSAY The Lego Group The case is to be found on page of Johnson, Whittington, Scholes, Angwin and Regner () Exploring Strategy, 10th edn.

Strategy development at lego essay
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