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This act, passed by the state of Tennessee, prohibited the teaching of the Evolution Theory in all the Universities and public schools of Tennessee on March 13, Darrow was an outspoken ungodly man who was eager to discredit Biblical Christianity and promote evolutionism. When Darrow presented his defense he called one witness; Bryan.

The Supreme Court found that Scopes should not have been fined but did not retry him. Bryan argued that creationism was true and spent most of his time in court preaching from the Bible. In this paper I will discuss the first major court case that brought significant national attention to these laws.

The Scopes Monkey Trial Research Paper

It all started when The American Civil Liberties Union advertised in newspapers to locate a teacher in Tennessee who would be willing to test the Butler Act in the courts.

Darrow could be very hostile in his treatment of the opposition and was cited for contempt of court during the Scopes trial for repeatedly interrupting and insulting Judge Raulston The Scopes Monkey Trial-July, On-line. Sixty telegraph operators sent daily reports over the newly laid transatlantic cable.

After the state of Tennessee passed the Butler Act, which banned the teaching of anything that contradicted the idea of creationism from the Bible, there was a group of businessmen from Dayton, TN who felt they could bring business and attention to their small town thanks to the new law.

Heafner and Katherine A. Bryan died five days after the trial in Dayton Tennessee while taking a nap after lunch. Of course; Bryan could not answer truthfully, only guess.

This was the case for Darrow but not for Bryan. He had planned on calling in several scientific scholars as witnesses to argue the topic of evolution over creationism but the judge deemed this unreasonable.

Bryan publicly declared that he did not oppose the teaching of evolution in the public schools as long as it was dealt with as a theory rather than a fact Menton, On-line.

The many curious people who came to Dayton to witness the trial caused the town to be flooded with people. William Jennings Bryan volunteered to serve as the prosecutor for the State of Tennessee which led to Clarence Darrow becoming the Defending lawyer in the case.

Bryan and his movement was of course opposed by many which led to the legal battles that have taken America from a non-evolution teaching society to the evolution teaching society it is today.

The Summer of the Scopes Trial. The only catch was that Scopes was not a science teacher and had never actually taught evolution. There were so many people in the courtroom that the weight caused the support beams to buckle in the courthouse. Roman and Littlefield Education, The Monkey Trial By:The Scopes Monkey Trial Research Paper The Scopes Trial Today evolution is taught in public schools in America, but it has not always been that way.

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Tennessee Vs. John Scopes: The Monkey Trial

Tennessee vs. John Scopes: The monkey trial It was the year and in the town of Dayton, Tennessee a trial that would decide whether evolution would be taught in public schools.

The trial was titled as Tennessee vs. John Scopes and is commonly known as the “monkey trial”/5(1). The Scopes “Monkey” Trial of Dayton, Tennessee was one of the most talked about trials in history because it was one of the first and most publicized times that this conflict occurred.

The trial showed the schism between the faithful fundamentalists and the newly formed group of evolutionists.

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Scopes Trial Research Papers Scopes Trial research papers discuss Darwinism's challenge in the courts. Research papers on the Scopes Trial will be custom written by our history or law writers to focus on any aspect of the Trail or case you need studied.

Research papers on the scope monkey trial
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