Related literature and studies

I am researching on marigolds. It creates problems, not Related literature and studies to the students but also to the teachers Cowan Avenue Elementary School Community,para 1.

Her study was also able to show that attendance and punctuality of students are not consistent throughout the year. These studies promoted integration of personality development and interdisciplinary programs into school curriculum to aid students enhance positive behavior and personality leading to the decrease of tardiness.

Other schools initiated interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates discipline and conduct in academics. According to CAESC and Zeigerthe most essential learning time of the day for the students lies in the morning, specifically between 8: Literature refers to texts, books, pieces of writing; writtenworks.

Literature Review on Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry is known to have a high turnover rate.

Review of related literature and studies Essay Sample

Students who pursue Bachelor of Commerce usually cover this subject. First and foremost, she asked consent from the students and their parents in order to gain permission to collect their school records.

They should as well teach it and integrate it in every lesson.

Habitual tardiness can also be learned from other members of the family, especially from the older ones. Also, responses to tardiness are lenient, that is nothing is done until the tenth strike or more.

The authors suggest giving managerial employees the opportunity to provide suggestions for organizational improvement as managers without this opportunity are likely to leave the organization.

Another factor that could affect the punctuality of a student is the response of the teachers to tardy students. Though some possible correlations were not established, it is outside the scope of this research. Cordogan as cited by Weade,said that a school in Chicago, Illinois adapted a similar curriculum and yielded positive results.

Thus there are employee who do not perform well because they are not well-compensated. It tackles not just school tardiness but its implications on work tardiness.

To get more knwledge on what is being handed to them. The authors suggested all measured factors accuracy of job information, need rewards match, comparison with others, relationship quality, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment could be used to explain turnover intention.

Students under the interdisciplinary program exhibited more positive behaviors from students not from the curriculum. First, we will give a definition of tardiness and present some theories and facts about it.RELATED LITERATURE Is any published papers, books, etc that pertain to a particular topic.

It contains literature coming from books, journalism, and other forms of material, concerning or relevant to the study, but are data-free or non – empirical material, coming from both foreign and local sources.

1. RELATED LITERATURE 2. RELATED STUDIES RELATED LITERATURE Is composed of facts and principles to which the present study is related. /5(7). review of related literature and studies Performance evaluation reflects an employee’ actual job performance levels, but in order to get a true picture, the rating must be accurate.

Accuracy is the primary goal of appraisal system. Review of Related Literature and Studies Being always present in class and getting to school on time are two of the crucial determining factors of a student’s success, not just as a student but as a person who will be managing his/her own life in the future.

Review of Related Literature and Studies According to George Epstein “Computer is an electronic device that performs calculation and processes information. It handles vast amount of facts and figures and solves complex problems at incredibility high speeds. Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents discussion on literature, related studies, state of the art and synthesis of the study and gaps to be bridged by the study.

State of the Art To answer the questions of this research, researchers gathered information from.

Related literature and studies
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