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Even though Mc Laurin won and was allowed to attend classes, he was still not allowed to attend his classes together with his other classmates. Troy Maxson, the protagonist in the play, was said to have lived in an era where racial discrimination Racism in fences essay the minorities started.

He was stationed in an anteroom of his classroom. People of color saw how society treated them differently that it gave them limitations especially in education.

This situation of Troy started when racial discrimination dominated the society. The limitation of his job as a garbage collector only showed how low the job opportunities were available for people like him. He filed a complaint because he did not see why blacks were not permitted to drive garbage trucks.

Wilson wanted to enlighten people that discrimination did not do any good for the people no matter what race they were. It was in that the blacks started to stand up and fight for their rightful place in society. But because of racism, especially against the blacks, segregation happened and it eventually made him leave the sport that he truly loved.

From cleaning houses to shining shoes, these were some of the jobs offered to African Americans during their time Alchura. Troy Maxson, from a baseball player, ended up as a mere garbage collector. It was during this time that segregation amongst people with different colors of skin took place.

Years passed and the discrimination got worst, which was why in s, people of color started to fight for their right to be equal with the whites.

The act of Troy filing a complaint showed that the time he is living now is accepting and considering their race little by little. It was also in education that African Americans experienced segregation, but later on they fought for their rights for equality.

This paved the way for people of color to fight for their right to be respected and treated as an equal citizen with other people in the society.

In this case, we can see how racism and segregation took a toll on the lives of the African American people.

Because he enrolled at a white-dominated university, his application was rejected because the university did not allow blacks and whites to be in the same university.

This play and the history of discrimination of African Americans show both the struggle and the attainment of equality with the other members of society. Here, we can see how Troy experienced limited opportunities available for him just because of the color of his skin. This case of McLaurin started the Brown v.

Board of Education U.

This shows that the only jobs available for African Americans mirror how people at that time see them, a people who are at the same level as that of their jobs. Before racial discrimination started, especially against his race, he had the best career as a baseball player.

Before, he lived a life that was centered on his love for sports, playing baseball; he even mentioned that baseball was something that he was most proud of SparkNotes Editors. He won the case and was assigned as one of the first African Americans in their city to drive a garbage truck SparkNotes Editors.

Works Cited Alchura, Jakarta. Being a garbage collector was the only job that he could do; he was not even allowed to drive the garbage trucks because according to their boss, black employees were not allowed to drive the garbage trucks SparkNotes Editors.

More than segregation, the African Americans also experienced unequal opportunity especially in the work place.Racism Exposed in Fences, by August Wilson Essay Words 6 Pages August Wilson’s play Fences brings an introspective view of the world and of Troy Maxson’s family and friends.

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Get started now! Fences by August Wilson Essay Words | 4 Pages Fences by August Wilson We all lead lives filled with anxiety over certain issues. More Essay Examples on Discrimination Rubric. The play “Fences” more than anything else shows the effect of racism on people and families alike.

Troy Maxson, the protagonist in the play, was said to have lived in an era where racial discrimination against the minorities started. In "Fences" August Wilson creates Troy Maxson, a character with peculiar ideas and traits whose life can be stated as a frustration.

According to Robert Brustein, August Wilson larger purpose depends on his conviction that Troy's potential was stunted by centuries of racist oppression.

Racism Exposed in Fences, by August Wilson Essay - August Wilson’s play Fences brings an introspective view of the world and of Troy Maxson’s family and friends.

The title Fences displays many revelations on what the meaning and significance of the impending building of the fence in the Maxson yard represents.

Racism in fences essay
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