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Stevens was so vehemently anti-union that it systematically purchased small unionized textile mills throughout the south just to close them down. At the first union meeting she attended with her friend Liz Johnson in a small African-American church, Sutton was one of only a handful of white workers.

With a difference shy of votes, the result is a victory for the union. Stevens called the shots in Roanoke Rapids, paying poverty wages and offering deplorably unsafe working conditions.

But as determined as J. A few days later, as her co-workers filed into the cafeteria for their dinner break, Sutton took advantage of a moment when attention was diverted away from the bulletin board to copy the letter. He berated her for using the pay phone on company time.

Workers routinely lost fingers, inhaled cotton dust, and lost their hearing due to the deafening clatter of machinery. He was made to wait. Shortly after, Reuben says goodbye to Norma; despite his being smitten with her throughout the movie, they only shake hands because he knows she is married and loves her husband, and Reuben heads back to New York.

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Her employers made her pay dearly for her standing for what she believes in. I watched the movie when it came out and watched it again on television a couple of days ago. The police physically removed Sutton from the plant for her action. One by one, the other workers stop their mill machines, and eventually, the entire room becomes silent.

I recommend this movie! Her actual protest in the mill is the scene in the film where she writes the sign "UNION" and stands on her worktable until all machines are silent.

An election to unionize the factory takes place, with Norma and Reuben listening as best as possible from outside the mill as reporters and TV cameras observe the vote count. Sutton refused to respond to his accusations.

Upon returning home to her family, Norma decides to talk to her children and tell them the story of her life, their questionable parentage, and recent arrest, so that they are prepared for any smears that may come from those hoping to discredit her efforts.

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When her father drops dead at the mill, a death that could have been averted had he been allowed to leave his post early instead of wait for his allotted break, she is more determined to continue the fight.

Her last action at the plant -- writing the word "UNION" on a piece of cardboard and standing on her work table, leading her co-workers to turn off their machines in solidarity -- was memorialized in the film by actress Sally Field.Sep 15,  · Crystal Lee Sutton, the union organizer whose real-life stand on her worktable at a textile factory in North Carolina in was the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning movie “Norma Rae.

Mar 02,  · As Norma Rae, a small‐town Southern mill worker, a widow with one legitimate child and another born out of wedlock, a resilient young woman of no great education but a lot of common sense, Miss. The Real Norma Rae (September ) Early On May 30,the J.P.

Real 'Norma Rae' dies of cancer after insurer delayed treatment

Stevens textile mill in Roanoke Rapids, NC, fired year-old Crystal Lee Sutton. Before Sutton left the plant, she climbed atop a table on the shop floor and raised above her head a piece of cardboard with the word “UNION” scrawled on it, turning slowly in a circle so.

The North Carolina union organizer who was the inspiration for the movie "Norma Rae" died on Friday of brain cancer after a battle with her insurance company, which delayed her treatment.

She was Real 'Norma Rae' dies of cancer after insurer delayed treatment | Facing South. Norma Rae is a American drama film, directed by Martin Ritt from a screenplay written by Harriet Frank, Jr.

and Irving Ravetch. Based on the true story of Crystal Lee Sutton, which was told in the book Crystal Lee, a Woman of Inheritance by New York Times reporter Henry P. Leifermann, the film stars Sally Field in the titular role.

Norma Rae, a young Southern woman working at a cotton mill, encounters a union organizer and decides to join the effort to reform working conditions.

This Oscar-winning drama follows Norma's 88%.

Norma rae assesment
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