Lets be a good listener essay

Further the role of non verbal communication as part of listening skill is the interesting factor that can help in gaining the knowledge form this study Everest, We each have a world of our own, filled with our thoughts, ideas, opinions, values, experiences and perspectives.

Being a good listener is important for a number of reasons. When we listen to another, we allow ourselves to reflect, learn and grow as we work to make more informed choices in our own life. We do this by listening.

Effective listening offers you many benefits, and encourages the speaker to feel valued as well. It is to acknowledge that the listening skills help in two ways first is that the relationship within the organization could be build very easily and second factor is that it might help with respect to understand the mindset of person who is conveying the message.

For instance if manager is getting angry with their staff the people who read their anger can try to bring some change and try to impress them. Whatever is useful and beneficial must be interpreted in proper and way and reacting upon it accordingly is an art which is required to learn in proper way.

When we give our attention to other people and try to understand them, we are treating them as people with something potentially valuable to say. Therefore the interpretation of message is something which makes the communication very much effective. The truth is, no matter how well we may listen now, listening is a skill that can be developed.

Become a Better Listener If you want to improve your life practically, socially and developmentally, become a better listener. The aspects can definitely affect the listening abilities of people in negative manner Burley-Allen, Effective listening is not only a task restricted to focus on words but it also involves reading the gestures, facial expression and tone of voice.

In this the message which is coming from other side, no matter verbal or non verbal communication, must be understood effectively Vowels and McMahon, I believe that my experience may be able to help or is helpful to someone.

One study, reported in the book Business Communications: It is clear that when people show their facial expressions then also they have certain emotions behind their expressions which are required to be understood in proper way.

As mentioned above that the effective listening helps in interpreting the message that has been conveyed by other person.

What it Means to Be a Good Listener

We may also simply drift off in thought when someone is speaking to us — an older but in no way extinct form of distraction. I been told that I never let them finish what the individual is trying to say before I interrupt the conversation, and I am always right about whatever the situation is or what they are trying to explain.

There are various benefits of effective listening skills within the organization. For others, the obstacle may be distraction; this, too, can be overcome.

Having finished this first part, you can now proceed to Part 2 of this series. I am an analytical listener because I want to make sure that I understand exactly what is being conveyed to me is interpreted in the corrected manner. In this way, we acknowledge that the individual before us, whose experiences and perspective are different from our own, may be giving us something of a gift.

The whole discussion already states that the understanding of gestures and facial expressions is also a part of effective listening. After taking the quiz I feel that I need to re-evaluate myself and do better with my listening abilities. Collectively, these make up our horizon.

When conversing with my children I try to make them see all sides of how things can get misinterpreted and how they need to handle it in order to get positive results. I hear a truck outside my window. Listening well is how we set ourselves up to accept that gift, with the full understanding that our own world is limited and that the speaker may be able to expand our horizon and improve our understanding of the world around us.

It could be understandable with the help of example.Home Essays Let''s Be a Good Listener. Let''s Be a Good Listener. Topics: Malaysia Self-Evaluation As a student in general, I have a strong work ethic and I am a very good listener, sometimes we make ourselves think that it is hard to practice the good skills we all have, but it really is not.

Essays Related to Effective Listening. 1. Not only will good listening skills put you at an advantage when it comes to following instructions, but if you are listening attentively, you will create a favorable impression with your supervisor.

While effective listening does not require that you agree with what a person is saying, being /5(10).


Listening Process Essay Words | 7 Pages. Listening is one of the most powerful tools of communication and is a process that is used to receive, convey a meaning, and respond to both verbal and nonverbal messages.

Are You a Good Listener

Let us start changing our attitude to being a good listener. Let’s start listening to our surrounding and giving respond to our society. All in all we can be a good listener in the world. The listening quiz revealed that my listening effectiveness is extremely poor and my score was less than 4 (Always).

I am very surprised and sadden about my score and ability to listen effective because I really felt that I am a good listener. Good listening skills help us get along with others, be better parents, and work better at our jobs.

People who listen save time and seem smarter and and more understanding.

Lets be a good listener essay
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