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Essay on Punjabi Language Words Article shared by: The Majha region consists central districts of Pakistani Punjab and in India around Amritsar and Gurdaspur regions, known.

In India, Punjabi is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. Vir Singh is considered the father of modern Punjabi literature and the best product of the Singh Sabha Movement. The Victorian novel, Elizabethan drama, free verse and modernism entered Punjabi literature through the introduction of British education during the Raj.

From the sixteenth century to mid-nineteenth century, the Janamsakhis, stories on the life and legend of Guru Nanakare early examples of Punjabi prose literature. Since the turn of the century, diaspora literature has increased, as has feminist literature.

His novels are historic records. Some scholars also see Paisachi influence in its development.

It is the first official language of the Indian State of Punjab. The novels, short stories and poetry of Amrita Pritam highlighted, among other themes, the experience of women, and the partition of India.

After the annexation of the Sikh Empire by the British East India Company following the Second Anglo-Sikh War inthe British policy of establishing a uniform language for administration was expanded into the Punjab.

Essay on Punjabi Language!

Essay on Punjabi Language (911 Words)

Punjabi also has second language official status in Delhi along with Urdu, and in Haryana. Mohan Singh and Amrita Pritam brought a progressive note into poetry.

Women writers such as Ajit Cour and Daleep Kaur Tiwana have questioned cultural patriarchy and the subordination of women in their work. Themes explored by diaspora writers include the cross-cultural experience of Punjabi migrants, racial discrimination, exclusion, and assimilation, the experience of women, and spirituality in the modern world.

Dhani Ram Chatrik, Diwan Singh and Ustad Daman explored and expressed nationalism in their poetry during and after the Indian freedom movement. The earliest Punjabi literature is found in the fragments of writings of the 11th century Nath yogis Gorakshanath and Charpatnah which are primarily spiritual and mystical in tone.

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Modern Punjabi Gurmukhi alphabet excluding vowels Standard Punjabi Punjabi is spoken in many dialects in an area from Islamabad to Delhi. Punjabi poetry during the British Raj, moreover, began to explore more the experiences of the common man and the poor through the work of Puran Singh Modernism was introduced into Punjabi poetry by Prof.

Punjabi Sufi poetry influenced other Punjabi literary traditions particularly the Punjabi qissa, a genre of romantic tragedy which also derived inspiration from Indie and Persian sources.Oct 10,  · of Essay On Mother Teresa In Punjabi Language.

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Dost, free essays this paper. Persuasive language pdf essay guru nanak in india ਪੰਜ ਬ ਭ ਸ਼ ਦ ਅਜੋਕ ਸਥ ਤ recent condition of short speech. Genesis software:punjabi language. Discuss and facebook in punjabi language. Essay on Punjabi Language! According to scholars Punjabi grew out of the Sauraseni Apabhramsa in the 11th century AD.

Some scholars. Essay In Punjabi Language  Language Essay PSY/ Introduction Language is universal way to express how a person feels So of course, it is essential in cultures to express their individuality within life. Most of the time people do not put a lot of speculation on what mental processes may be taking place subconsciously.

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Essay book in punjabi language
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