Democracy creates stability in society

Once in power, these officials must make decisions and perform their duty according to the will and wishes of the people. These are the aims that democracy as a concept, hopes to achieve in my opinion. The people have to make insightful judgments based on solely promises from politician instead of concrete facts.

Democracy Creates Stability in Society

This would thus promote political stability within the country, as leaders are selected based on their caliber and ability to lead the country, by the people, for the people. Democracy is different because it allows peaceful synthesis of ideas and allow people to achieve a consensus, something the sorely need and are missing.

After independence, the Sinhalese got into power and implemented many discriminative laws against the Tamils in areas such as education, employment and so on. Therefore if the judgments made by the people have low credibility, we have to gamble to trust that democracy can bring stability to the society.

Democracy creates stability in a society

Minority groups will also have their views represented, and not be shunned for being the minority. Democracy elects leaders through a process of voting. As the people are also given freedom of speech to any issue, there is minimal need for any rioting or striking.

Before any policy is implemented, the general public must agree with it. The people are treated equally, and the citizens are happy with their lives, and thus there would be no need for any rioting or strikes.

Democracy conceptuallyand practically I feel democracy has the potential to create stability in a society.

This uses utilitarianism where the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principle of conduct. Hence I conclude that democracy as a concept will invariably create stability in an ideal society with everyone attuned the same basic needs of stability and security.

It hopes to ensure everyone has the ability to effect change on what he feels is just and right, yet protecting him in the case of any change that might adversely affect him to the point that it encroaches on his rights. These principle are essentially the key to ensuring stability in a society.

We can see this from 3 viewpoints, social, political and economic. However, there are also practical problems with different forms of democracy and that is why different countries have to adopt different styles to suit their own unique climates.

This quote succinctly summarises the essence of democracy, the principles of citizen participation, accountability and transparency. Democracy aims to ensure that the citizens are limited and yet free to find their meaning in life. Realistically speaking, I think it is not yet achievable to have such an ideal democratic government due to the egocentric human nature, which will greatly affect the judgment of every individual.

The principle tenets of democracy are that everyone must be represented, no matter how insignificant they are. Also, the people are given a fair chance to vote, as each man or woman above 18, regardless of race, religion, gender, or any other factor, are all allowed to vote, and each man or woman counts as 1 vote each.

But is it really so? For example, in the s, the people of Singapore had voted for the merger of Malaya. Hence we should examine the pros and cons of what this means. But in practice, only the majority is represented, while the minority is deprived of its representation.

In order to be elected, the government officials must have good qualities that are recognised by the people. There are no widely recognised definitions on democracy, although the model employed by the United States appear to be the most obvious one.May 14,  · Democracy creates stability in a society To get the ball rolling on the motion, Democracy creates stability, i personally feel that this statement is true.

I shall prove my point on the economic point of view. Democracy creates stability in a society? Democracy is a system in the government, through which the wills of different groups of people living in the same country are voiced out and represented.

In this system the people. However, social stability and good political governance are enough to sustain stability in a society and only a good economy is needed not a great one. Hence, it is indeed true that Democracy creates stability in society.

Stability in society is caused by a few factors. It requires a stable economy, good governmental ruling and a society which is socially shares a strong bond.

Democracy, in order to create the overall feat of stability in society has to contribute to these individual factors first. Firstly, let us look at how Democracy gives a good governmental ruling. Democracy creates stability in a society In today’s world, democracy has been widely associated with stability in a society.

Many people believe that it is the only form of government that can bring about peace and progress to a country. I feel democracy has the potential to create stability in a society. However this is based on looking upon democracy as a concept.

There are no widely recognised definitions on democracy, although the model employed by the United States appear to .

Democracy creates stability in society
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