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All orders placed between July 3, at The College Board, P. You have a variety of options for sharing your scores with colleges, universities, and scholarship programs.

Ordering Score Reports by Mail or Fax If you are unable to use the online score reporting system to send additional score reports to colleges, universities, or scholarship programs, you can mail or fax a signed, written request with payment to the address based on your payment method.

Send your requests to the address below based on your payment method: Standard delivery takes approximately business days, while rush delivery takes approximately business days. Your full name, mailing address, phone number, sex, date of birth, AP number s and Social Security number if provided on your answer sheet Name and address of your school Full name of the exam s for which you are requesting additional score reports e.

The exact delivery date will depend on when your request is received and the location of your score recipient. Additionally, Ap one sheet confirmation copy of your archived AP scores will be sent to the mailing address indicated on the form within 15 business days of receipt of the request.

The exact number of days depends on when you submit your request and the location of your score recipient. ET will be processed as a rush delivery to ensure timely receipt of your scores after they are available. Other Score Reporting Services The services listed below can be ordered by printing and completing the appropriate form and mailing or faxing it with payment if applicable to the address based on your payment method.

They have been archived, which means you will only be able to request your scores be sent to a college, university, or scholarship program via mail or fax.

Ordering Score Reports Online Log in to send scores now to colleges, universities and scholarship programs. ET will be held for processing until July 3. Please note the updated mailing addresses for You must use the archive score reporting service. If you did not designate a college or university to receive your scores on your AP answer sheet at exam time, we encourage you to send them as soon as you gain access to your scores online.

You must include the following information in your request: If your most recent AP Exam was over four years ago, you will not be able to view scores or order a score report online. You do this by entering the four-digit code of the college, university, or scholarship program on your first or "registration" AP answer sheet.Language Arts 1 Honors 12 09 11 Lord of the Flies AP One Sheet 2nd Quarter 1.

Title of Work Lord of the Flies 2. Author and Date Written William Golding,/5(1). Sending Scores Using Your AP Answer Sheet Each year that you take AP Exams, you have the opportunity to send one free score report. You do this by entering the four-digit code of the college, university, or scholarship program on your first or "registration" AP answer sheet.

View Essay - AP One Sheet from AP HUG at Silverton High School, Silverton. Samantha Salgado Per. 1 Francis AP One Sheet 1.

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The Afterlife Gary Soto, AP Style ‘Cheat Sheet’ AP wavers on whether “principal” should be capitalized before a name. You can decide. Jenny Smith, auto club president, Under Mayor Bob Jackson, the town seemed to thrive, but basketball The one exception to this rule is a year: was the last time the high school won a.

AP One Sheet. As you read the novel, document the following aspects. Follow the format given in the sample. All the information should be typed on one sheet of paper, front and back. To make sure it all fits on one sheet, widen the margins and use a small, but.

Directions: Complete the following on the AP One Sheet in boxes worksheet.

This may only be done on the worksheet provided. Be as detailed as possible in your analysis!

Ap one sheet
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