A house for hermit crab writing activity for kids

What happens next in the story? Eventually, Hermit Crab outgrows his shell and must find an even bigger shell to make his home.

Some sea anemones even attach themselves to the shells of hermit crabs. Let children make up their own stories. Was Hermit Crab afraid?

Who was he afraid of? The first activities I have to share with you are sequencing activities. Discuss the water colors and also the types of things that would be at the bottom of the ocean.

Show children pictures depicting the various animals in the book. I love this activity because it works for so many ages! Once the hermit crab is in place, they can walk him through the month of the year.

Then once they are dry you can cut out the images. Order the Months for a Hermit Crab Walk The second option is to print out the calendar page and cut out each of the months.

A House for Hermit Crab - Worksheet

And just like Hermit Crab, they have outgrown their "shell. In February, Hermit Crab found a bigger shell to move into, but he thought it looked too plain. Hermit Crab meets and invites an anemone, a sea star, a coral, a snail, a sea urchin, a lantern fish, and some pebbles to live with him.

Your children can be given a pile of the months mixed up. After reading the book, retell the story, asking questions along the way.

A House for Hermit Crab Story Time and Graduation Activities

He was thinking about all the new friends he could make! Have your camper paint each of the images on the page as creatively as they want to.

What do you think this book is going to be about? Sequencing Activities While the sequencing activities are in a set, you can have your children do just one or both of them.

Attach small magnet strips to the back of each picture. It is written by Eric Carle. The link below is an affiliate link. One day in January, Hermit Crab realized that he had outgrown his shell. The first activity focuses walking a puppet across calendar months while saying the months of the year.

A House for Hermit Crab Activities

So, each month he finds a new friend to live with him. They have gotten bigger, they have learned new things, and they have made many new friends.A fun activity for students to explore why living things need shelter.

Use this teaching resource for students to design an exciting new house for Hermit Crab to live. This resource encourages students to explore why living things need shelter. A House for Hermit Crab/ Art and Writing- Great for Back-to-School. by. Special Ed Pro.

A House for Hermit Crab. This activity is a great school-to-home connection, as you can provide students with a fun game to take home and play with their families.

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Sequencing Activities Based on a House for a Hermit Crab

This activity page can be used in conjunction with Eric Carl's book "A House for hermit crab" or can be simply used to help teach the use of adjectives.

Subjects: Creative Writing, Grammar, Writing. A house for hermit crab literacy activities, games, pictures, and printables for preschool and kindergarten. Great book to use around graduation for. Sequencing Activities Based on a House for a Hermit Crab May 22, By Deirdre This week I have several really fun activities based on the children’s book A.

Fun in the Ocean! TONS of math, literacy, & writing activities! A House for Hermit Crab.

A house for hermit crab writing activity for kids
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