A discussion concerning diversity in the accounting profession

Does your firm recognize the efforts of those that are active in these programs? One of the important points that was discussed at the panel and that we continue to discuss here is trying to come up with ways to transform both the profession and the various institutions that we work at.

As many people have noted, there is a very noticeable racial disparity in the LIS profession, and this has been something that has been talked about for a while now Espinal, ; Galvan, ; Honma, ; Peterson, What is the incentive for a local firm to hire a minority? But this discussion should not be confined to the boundaries of our state or Society.

To what degree is the issue of diversity upheld at your institution and how does it differ to that of your library? Participating in the ACRL panel really challenged me to think about my own approaches to researching diversity, which had previously been focused on understanding the experiences of individuals of color.

Another partnership is with the PhD Project a nonprofit organization in New Jersey with a mission to increase workplace diversity by increasing mentorship of minorities through diversity of business school faculties.

Yes, and that becomes a branding issue. I think all the constituents must do it--the accounting departments at the universities, the firms, the AICPA and state societies, and individual CPAs.

I live in a community where there are fewer opportunities to interact, but recently I spoke about accounting with the daughter of a minority client of mine. Crucial to such a consideration is identifying where power lies.

Being a CPA is not viewed as glamorous--but the profession is exciting. It makes sense that your colleagues customize their instruction because we intuitively sense that people respond positively to another person who is like themselves.

This type of initiative has been recommended by a variety of Commissions and studies over the years. We need to be better about doing that in the LIS field.

Advancing Diversity within the CPA Profession

Take the audit, for instance. Who are the experts of environmental health justice? Listening to and understanding the perspectives of others can help you determine how to tackle new challenges and gain the trust of your colleagues.

Their connection to the profession is not visible to the young people with whom they come in contact. Attracting Underrepresented Minorities to the Accounting Profession. Is it because diversity among librarians encourage the users to approach us?

It is time to make it clear to all those seeking to join the profession that, from the very beginning, they will be expected to be involved in new client development. That was the reaction 35 years ago as well. The PhD Project operates a direct-mail campaign that invites minorities to apply to attend its annual conference, held in conjunction with the annual conference of the American Accounting Association.

Are we saying that two additional semesters of graduate work is a larger obstacle than three additional years?

Why Diversity Matters: A Roundtable Discussion on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Librarianship

The project works closely with the Minority Accounting Doctoral Students Association, which was formed to provide networking opportunities for minorities in their particular programs. I know that if a young talented minority puts premed down as her field of interest on an enrollment form or interest invetory, she has a better shot at financial resources to further her education.

Consider it like the messages we internalize from what we see on tv, read in history books or who possesses roles of authority in our institutions, who sits at the reference desk.The tension between merit and diversity 25 The profession as an agent of change 27 CONCLUSION 29 open discussion about the reasons for promotion decisions and when constructive feedback is DIVERSITY AND THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSION.

Improving diversity is not just a legal imperative. The concept of diversity is an inherent good with ubiquitous appeal and ethical, social and commercial value for accounting firms. But while good practices are developing, the profession still has some way to go in the transition to becoming more diverse.

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NASBA Explores Ways to Increase Diversity in Accounting Profession

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Company. Contact; Resources. When we see legislative developments affecting the accounting profession, we speak up with a collective voice and advocate on your behalf.

To boost diversity and inclusion efforts, the AICPA offers valuable tools to assess and track your progress, aid in recruitment and retention, and inform you on the latest trends.

Learn strategies to. In some areas of the accounting profession, diversity is already on the rise. I believe this is a timely, fair and important discussion.” “Newly-Formed Group Aims to Increase Diversity in Accounting Profession.

A discussion concerning diversity in the accounting profession
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